The Show

The Show

From the Producers of

(Winner of the 2018 Merlin Award for “Best Family Show”) comes another colorful, visionary show for the entire family.

Be ready to experience an amazing journey in the crazy world of Wonderland!
Based on the Alice’s adventures, Dreaming of Wonderland is an action-packed and exciting Theatrical Circus show full of surprises and amazing Circus acts, enhanced with video projection mapping and live music.

The Synopsis:

The synopsis is that there is no synopsis! This is the heritage of Alice’s world… . Dreaming of Wonderland is an interactive performance where you will meet all the most popular characters of Alice’s adventures. But be aware, as you will need to open your imagination in order to enter Wonderland because, as Alice says:

So, follow the White Rabbit, pass through the hole, join us at the Tea Party and enjoy your time! Who knows, at the end, maybe, you will even get caught and transformed in the Queen of Hearts. After all…

Some technical information (full rider available on request):

The production needs a stage minimum of 12 m. (40’) wide x 9 m. (30’) deep (recommended: 14 m. x 10 m. – 46’ x 33’).

The company is home-based in Europe, with a traveling Cast/Crew composed of 12 people;  in addition the local presenter will need to provide 5 extra stage assistants which will need to appear in costumes on stage or in the house (these may also be theater/performing arts students); plus a minimum of 3 extra crew members.

Theater must provide full lighting and sound system according to the show rider (the production is flexible on this and can adapt to the in-house system with very minimal specific requests).

The production will need to hang one rear projection scrim and one soft drapery 14 m. wide x 6 m tall (46’ x 20’), both must be raised and lowered during the show at different moments at a fast speed (6 to 8 sec. acceptable).

Set-up time is approximately 5-6 hours, break-down 3 hours (This may change depending on thevenue, 1 extra hour is recommended to train the local assistants that will need to be in costume.)

It is necessary to have at least one set of stairs from the stage to the seating area. (2 recommended)